The CIRS Group Life Plan helps protect your family from the financial consequences of the loss of your income in the event of your death.

Who's your beneficiary?

Do you need to add or change a beneficiary?

Your beneficiary (or beneficiaries) for the CIRS Group Life Plan will be the same as your election under the CIRS 401(k) Savings Plan, unless you elect otherwise.

If you want a different beneficiary, complete this form to make a separate election.  You can also call CIRS at 212-674-0101 to request that a copy of the form be mailed to you.  Unlike the Savings Plan, if you are married, you do not need spousal consent to elect someone other than your spouse to be a beneficiary for the Group Life Plan.

Basic facts about the CIRS Group Life Plan

You will become a Group Life Plan Member on the first day of the month coincident with or next following the latter of completion of 3 months of Employment Service with a CIRS Participating Employer or the attainment of age 21.

Life insurance benefits come at no cost to you.  100% of premiums are paid by your employer.

You can update your beneficiary 2 ways:

  1. Complete the CIRS 401(k) Savings Plan beneficiary form and your designations will apply to both the CIRS Group Life Plan and the CIRS 401(k) Savings Plan.
  2. If you want a different beneficiary for CIRS Group Life Plan only, then fill out the CIRS Group Life Plan beneficiary form and mail it back to CIRS.

If you become married, your spouse will automatically become your beneficiary.  If you would like to name someone other than your spouse as beneficiary, you will need to complete a new form.  You do not need a spousal waiver to name a beneficiary who is not your spouse.

If you complete a new CIRS 401(k) Savings Plan beneficiary form after making a Group Life election, the latest election will supersede any prior election made under either plan.

To name a beneficiary for the CIRS Pension Plan, you will need to complete a separate form, which can be found here.

The amount paid to your beneficiary depends on your years of Employment Service

  • Less than 10 years of Employment Service:
    • 100% of Base Salary, up to $500,000
  • 10 years or more of Employment Service:
    • 200% of Base Salary, up to $500,000
  • Coverage continues if you transfer employment from one CIRS Participating Employer to another
  • Coverage continues for up to 12 months during authorized leaves of absence
  • Your life insurance benefit will be reduced if you are age 70 or older
  • Coverage ends upon termination or retirement
  • Options for conversion (whole life) or portability (term life).  No physical is required,  however you must apply within 31 days of the date you become ineligible.
  • Additional coverage for Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Living benefits option (also known as an Accelerated Benefit):
    • If you are terminally ill (life expectancy of 12 months or less), you can receive up to 75% of your life insurance benefit

For commonly asked questions, please visit out FAQ page.

If you have additional questions, you can contact CIRS via email at or call (212) 674-0101.