The Pension Plan is a “defined benefit” plan designed to provide you with a monthly pension benefit, typically payable over your lifetime, or yours and your surviving spouse’s (or other beneficiary’s) lifetimes.

As of September 27, 2016, a new agreement governing the CIRS Plans has been reached between management and the unions.  For more information, visit the News and Updates section.

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Note: The details below apply only to employees hired prior to October 1, 2016 (Tier I Members).  Employees hired on or after October 1, 2016 (Tier II Member) will be subject to the provisions of the Pension Plan as outlined in the News and Updates section.

Who's your beneficiary?

Do you need to add or change a beneficiary?

If you haven’t added a beneficiary or want to update your beneficiary information, now is the perfect time to do this!

Sign into your account at Transamerica and update this information on the website.  Or, you can find the form here for the Pre-retirement death benefit or here for the Post-retirement death benefit (if eligible) and mail them in to Transamerica.

Some basic facts about your Pension Plan...

  • Membership begins after 1 year of service at a CIRS participating employer
  • 100% vesting after 5 years of employment service. Vesting means that you have irrevocable rights to your accrued benefit
  • Service continues as long as you work in an eligible position at a CIRS participating employer

2% x Years and months of Credited Service x 4-year Final Average Salary

  • Credited Service includes all Employment Service credited to you after you become a Member in the Plan and also includes the one year waiting period for Membership
  • 4-Year Final Average Salary:  The average of the highest 4 consecutive base annual salaries from the past 10 years.

Normal Retirement

  • Age 62 with 5 years of Employment Service


Early Retirement

  • Age 52 with 5 years of Employment Service.
  • You will receive a reduced benefit.


Rule of 85

  • If you terminate employment on or after age 55, and your age plus your years of Credited Service are equal to or exceed 85,  you can retire early and receive your full “unreduced” pension benefit.


Disability Retirement

  • must have completed 10 years of service
  • must be actively employed at time of disability
  • approved by U.S. Social Security Administration
  • must be permanently and totally disabled
  • Single Life Annuity
    • You receive your full monthly pension benefit for as long as you live.  No payments after your death.
  • Joint & Survivor Annuity (50%, 75%, 100%)
    • You receive a reduced monthly pension benefit for your lifetime. After your death, your beneficiary receives a percentage (50%, 75%, or 100%) of your reduced monthly pension benefit for their lifetime.
  • Joint & Survivor Annuity (50%, 75%, 100%) with “Pop-up” feature
    • Similar to Joint & Survivor EXCEPT if your beneficiary dies before you, the amount of your monthly pension benefit payment will be increased to the amount you would have received under the Single Life Annuity.
  • Certain & Continuous Annuity (5 years, 10 years, 15 years)
    • You receive a reduced monthly pension benefit for your lifetime with payments guaranteed for 5, 10 or 15 years.  If you die prior to receiving all of the guaranteed payments, your beneficiary would continue to receive your benefit for the remainder of the guaranteed term.
  • Level Income Annuity
    • Your monthly pension benefit will be increased until age 62 when you become eligible for Social Security payments and then reduced after age 62.  In this way your pension benefit when combined with Social Security will provide you with a level amount of income throughout your retirement.  Payments cease after your death.

Log on to your Transamerica account at or call 1-800-755-5801 to:

  • Access your Plan information
  • Obtain and complete administration forms
  • Update your Pension Plan beneficiary
  • Model your future pension benefit
  • Request calculations or estimates of your pension benefits

Note that the Administrator of the Pension Plan changed from Voya to Transamerica May 2016

Still want to know more? Find answers to your common questions in our FAQ.